Pentrich again

Following on from last week’s post, Gyles Brandreth was later featured in the Nottingham Post talking again about his ancestor Jeremiah. So, I’m expect that as we move towards 2017 there will be a great deal more from Gyles in the press on this matter.

After asking you for ideas and suggestions for courses and events around the Pentrich Rebellion, it has since occurred to me that  perhaps there isn’t enough content for a 13.5 or 14 hour course. If this proves to be true, can we then think of ways to combine our talents .. perhaps  along the lines of a course that is  taught by two tutors and covers say:  the history and which also includes a session(s) on a wider aspect of protest in general and looking at this from another angle e.g. via the protest songs of the time or the  art or political illustrations or a tie in with the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.

A collaborative course is I think, what I am suggesting. This could  be offered in different parts of the region under different branches and their programmes. IF you have any thoughts on this speak to the organiser who is your line manager in the first instance.

Anniversary of The Pentrich Rebellion 2017


The 200th anniversary of the Pentrich Rebellion occurs in May 2017. Writer and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth would like to see a memorial garden in Derby in time for this anniversary.

He believes his distant ancestor Jeremiah Brandreth was buried adjacent to St Werburgh’s Church in Cheapside Derby after he became the last man to be beheaded in England, following the failure of the uprising.

Giles Brandreth is keen that Derby acknowledges the uprising and that ‘if enough like-minded people get together, Jeremiah Brandreth can become apart of the city’s [Derby] historyI entrust the Derby Telegraph with making this happen.’  He continues; I am happy for a group of people to get together in the city and I will support them in a venture to turn ground at the rear of St Werburgh’s Church into  a very nice memorial garden with a plaque put up to my forebearer .. it could be a nice contemplative place for everyone.’

Whlist we at the WEA might not want to become involved in Brandreth’s suggested project – or maybe some of us would? –  the mention of the Pentrich Rebellion and its 2017 anniversary does allow us time to think about how we could incorporate the rebellion into a course or event in 2017.

Possibilities include a look at radicalism at the time, or specific groups such as The Luddites, Pentrich, Peterloo, Cato Street and the March of the Blanketeers .. or a series of talks, or visits …  looking at and/or singing protest songs of the era,  poetry and creative writing around the radicals, art and political illustrations … the possibilities are endless, so over to you. Speak to your organisers about any ideas you may have.

National Project

Tutors are needed for a National Numeracy Project. (5 days at development rate.)

Numeracy across Adult Education.
To support the adult and community learning sector (ACL) in drawing out numeracy in non-maths courses in order to demonstrate its relevance and value in all areas of life.

The aim is for:
WEA staff and tutors to have increased skills, knowledge and confidence in raising awareness of mathematical content and mathematical behaviours within a range of curriculum areas – ICT, English, Arts and Crafts, History (including Archaeology).  A training event will be held for tutors, and an online discussion forum developed to share experiences and examples from teaching practice.

Tutors will be able to signpost students about how to improve their maths skills and to the National Numeracy Challenge (online).  They are not expected to teach maths itself, but will be encouraged to highlight the mathematical content within their own subject area. We are looking to involve tutors who are teaching courses for the WEA in September 2015 in one of the four curriculum areas highlighted above.

Good practice guidance will be rolled-out across WEA and other ACL providers.

Please contact Vicki Jones to register interest in this project:

If you have …..

Lindsey Tasker’s work mobile number still in your phone or in your address book, I just want to let you know this number 07919528109 has been assigned to me Nikki Cleaver as my work number. There’s been some confusion lately when I’ve used this number to phone tutors who’ve worked for both Lindsey and myself, and the contact details have come up as Lindsey …

Happy for any of you to phone me though


Summer 2016 – course idea and tutor required

This is an appeal for any ideas for a Summer 2016 course for the Lowdham Branch. The branch prefer something with a bias towards the outdoors for their summer course, so if you can offer a course that would be of interest, be it gardening, nature, history, archaeology, etc. and that would include some outside activity e.g. field trip please get in touch with me at The course would be 6 sessions, 4 at 2 hours and 2 at 2.5 hours, on Tuesday afternoons.

Talkshop Event: Inequality

Come to a Talkshop and participate in discussion about inequality in England today!

Our specific focus at this event will be inequality. Inequality in the UK is at its most extreme since the 1930’s and it is on the rise. The figures speak for themselves: The UK is the world’s sixth largest economy yet 1 in 5 of population live below the official poverty line, the richest 10% of households own 850 times the wealth of the poorest 10%, and it has increased by 42% since 1977.

That is why the WEA and Talkshop have jointly organised this event so that we can open up new spaces for political discussion. We want to engage people and help them to reach their own conclusions so that they can make informed choices.

On Thursday 18th June 2015 from 09:30 – 12:30 at West End Neighbourhood Centre, Andrewes Street, Leicester, LE3 5PA. Free event, light refreshments will be served.

Please ring 0116 255 6614 to book a place.

Taster Session: Active Ageing

A short session with focus on learners reflecting on their own experience of ageing and group discussion with a brief introduction to Ann Karpf’s How to Age at the WEA, 101 Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 0TD from 13.00 – 14.30 on Thursday 18th June 2015. Please call 0116 255 6614 to book a place.

Taster Session: Social Media

Learn how to keep up-to-date with social media. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn with an experienced tutor at the WEA, 101 Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 0TD from 13.00 – 14.30 on Wednesday 17th June 2015. Please call 0116 255 6614 to book a place.

Taster Session: Money Counts

Learn how to manage your money; understand the benefits you are entitled to and how to prioritise your expenses with a trainer from Citizen’s Advice Bureau on Monday 15th June 2015 from 10.00 – 11.30. Please ring 0116 2556614 to book a place.

Taster Session: Drumming

Learning how to Drum with an experienced tutor! Service users at Deacon and Hardy Community Support can access this taster session on Monday 15th June 2015 from 10.00 – 11.30 at D&H Wigston Gardens, 1 Tigers Close, LE18 4WS. Please contact 01455 616700 to book a place