An invitation to everyone in the East Midlands WEA to join a celebration of the WEA

Working alongside two professional artists and WEA tutors, Roz Beeson and Rebecca Spear, you are warmly invited to contribute in any way you wish to creating a textile/mixed media hanging which will celebrate and tell your personal stories about the East Midlands WEA. We hope as many people as possible will join us over the coming year to help create what will be a glorious piece of work which will tell a story, which we can use as a touring exhibition and which will be a lasting legacy for the region. We are looking for artists, crafters, stitchers, creative writers, engineers, woodworkers, historians, geologists, musicians, embroiderers, readers of books, people with ideas, people with no ideas but a willingness to learn and support, bloggers, Tweeters, photographers, archaeologists, cataloguers, researchers, people with no experience of any of the above, people with lots of experience and those with anything in between – in fact anyone who knows and loves the WEA, anyone who is driven mad by the WEA and anyone who wants to tell their story with the WEA! You will sometimes work with Roz and Rebecca and sometimes work on your own in smaller groups, but you will always be part of something that is growing and building and which will come together as a whole. This is an opportunity to be creative together and to work together, but also to bring our WEA community closer and at the same time grow that community. Will you join us for a preliminary meeting so we can start to hear your ideas, start to plan how things will develop, start to think about how and with what materials you could work and meet Roz and Rebecca? Over the coming months we will have meetings in a number of locations around the region, but we are starting in the following two venues:
Tuesday 27th September         19.00 – 21.00

WEA, The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby  DE1 3HB

Parking available in The Mill car park

Tuesday 4th   October              14.00 – 16.00

WEA, 101 Hinckley Road, Leicester LE3 0TD

Car park on Fosse Road South next to the Westcotes Health Centre – 4mins walk to 101

Please do come along. We look forward to seeing you!

Let us know if you are coming:

Research into Special Collections and the Curriculum.

The message below has been received by WEA from Joetta Harty who is studying at Robert Gordon University.  Please complete the survey if you feel that you can help.


As part of my post graduate dissertation for an MSc in Library and Information Studies I am conducting research on the following topic: Special Collections and the Curriculum: Archive and Special Collection Use on Undergraduate and Adult / Lifelong Learning Courses. The remit of the research is to gather data on where and how Archive and Special Collection (ASC) material is being used on courses and / or course modules from various academic disciplines, beyond the purposes of enhancing information literacy. The study is inclusive of physical and digital collections.

I would be grateful if you would forward the survey link to tutors or others in regional branches of the WEA involved with courses which meet the remit of this research, for example, particular courses that I would like to include in my research include Maps and Power, The Rise and Fall of Communism, The Enlightenment, Art and Collecting, and Georgian and Regency York. Please feel free to complete more than one survey if you are involved  with more than one course that meets the criteria above. Thank you in advance for your time.

Survey: The use of archival and  special collections material in undergraduate and lifelong learning  courses

Used CDs for recycling


Here at regional office we’ve a box of around 60 used CDs that are no longer needed.

If any of you creative types would like them for one of your courses email me and I’ll get them out to you.

Nikki Cleaver

I am thinking wind chimes or similar but bet there are many other uses!

Singing Tutor needed: Leicester

A Singing tutor is needed to teach an established group from Friday 23rd September 2016, 10.30am – 12.30pm for 11 weeks at the ‘Y’ Theatre in Leicester. Please email Karen Chouhan ( or Nusrat Hathiari ( for an expression of interest.

Maths Tutor Needed! — WEA East Midlands EME Blog

An experienced and qualified tutor is needed to work in Chesterfield and Retford. Please contact Vicki Jones for further details:

via Maths Tutor Needed! — WEA East Midlands EME Blog

Tutor Portal Video Guides

WEA national have produced the following video walk through’s to help introduce the tutor portal to new & existing tutors. Currently the resources are limited to “How to login” & “Tutor Portal front page” videos but further video’s are going to be uploaded to illustrate all aspects of the tutor portal, notably the Course Information Sheets and Tutor Course Reports. Click here to view the Youtube page or watch the videos below:



For further help with the tutor portal contact Rick Marshall-Pearce at Regional Office on 0115 9628406 or email

Free to a good home

We’ve a large  box full of bottle tops of various shapes, sizes and colours sitting here in regional office.

If anyone would like these to use in a creative way with their students this autumn  please contact Nikki Cleaver and I’ll arrange to get them to you.

We’d appreciate a picture of what the tops are eventually used for.

We were planning to create a mosaic for one of our outside walls at regional office but we’ll not have the time to do this in the near future.

We are happy to keep collecting bottle tops tho!

I did it!

I recently posted about walking a marathon in London, throughout the night to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  I am extremely happy to say that ‘I did it’.

Thanks to the generosity WEA staff along with friends and family, I have managed to raise a massive £523.26.

I couldn’t have done this without your support and wanted to take this opportunity of saying a huge Thank You.

image3 image5

A different kind of training!!!

When I first started working for WEA, I welcomed the opportunity of being able to walk to work as I lived just under three miles away. This was a significant contrast from my previous job which involved 15 hours a week communiting by train!!! As many of you know Mapperley is well known for its challenging hills, and coupled with typical British weather – it is enough to turn anyone off from walking.

I needed a challenge, and decided to sign up for the London MoonWalk which is to take place on 14 May. For those of you who do not know what this is, basically it means I will be speed walking 26.2 miles (the length of a Marathon), around London, in the middle of the night, wearing a bra which has been decorated in a Carnival style!!!!

Why? Well my reason for this is two-fold; firstly I wanted to get fit (having a job which involves sitting down all day is not great!!), and secondly it is to raise money for breast cancer.

I started training in January of this year, walking to work and back (just under 6 mile round trip), as well as walking at weekends and going to the gym.  With less than five weeks to go, I hope to walk a minimum of 5-8 miles each working day plus at least  one long walk at the weekend and (fingers crossed) still find time to go to the gym too🙂

Did you know that breast cancer in the most common form of cancer for women, and the second most common cancer worldwide?  Breast cancer knows no age, gender or race and research is not just about cure, but also about early detection and one day, prevention.

I hope you will all keep your fingers crossed, that I successfully cross the finish time.

If you would like to sponsor me you can leave a donation on my Just Giving website:

Alternatively, there is a collection tub at Regional Office next to the ‘sign-in book’.

Speaking and Listening Assessors

We are looking for Speaking and Listening Assessors for ESOL exams in Leicester and Nottingham.

You should have experience of language teaching and/or City and Guilds assessment procedures.  You will be paid time and expenses. Training will be provided.

Please let contact Vicki – – if you are interested.