Unwanted keys and cutlery

Tutor Charlotte Ellis is working at The Wong Lincoln with students with disabilities. Within a gardening course they are planning to transform a sterile and unwelcoming courtyard space at the centre into a place  the students can enjoy. During the course Charlotte is teaching the students about recycling and sustainability and so we’d like the students to make their own windchimes from disused keys and old or broken cutlery.

Diy-wind-chimes-ideas         images4NAKX94E    imagesHNSS55SR

If you have any keys, spoons or forks lying about in a drawer unused and unloved please donate them to Charlotte’s course. You can post them to me at Regional Office or leave them at the WEA office you use (Derby, Chesterfield, 101 or Lincoln) and I’ll get them off to Charlotte.

Many thanks Nikki Cleaver ncleaver@wea.org.uk

Please also ask your students – and of course we’d be happy to share our ‘stash’ with other tutors who wish to make windchimes with their students.

Online WEA Tutor Portal Training Events in 2016

WEA Eastern are running a number of online Tutor Portal training events for tutors next term.  The Tutor Portal is an online tool for managing your courses and associated tasks. From January 2016 we will be asking that all of our tutors use this platform to manage and create their Course Information Sheets, Tutor Report forms, contracts and more. In these sessions we’ll take you through how to use the portal and answer any questions that arise. The use of Tutor Portal for all tutors will become increasingly important from January 2016, so if you have any concerns, problems or do not currently know how to use it, please sign up for this essential training.

The sessions are run completely online via virtual training software called Zoom, which is very easy to access and use. We are asking tutors to book places to give us an idea of numbers on each course. If you feel you need support in accessing these online sessions, please contact Adam at abracher@wea.org.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a WEA tutor to attend this event, it is not open to the general public.

The sessions will last for approximately 30 – 40 minutes and we have put together a training schedule that covers a multitude of days and times, so hopefully there is a viable option for you depending on your circumstances and commitments.  

To view the dates and times and to a book a place simply click here or the link below and follow the on screen instructions. Once you have registered (with just your name and email address), a confirmation email will be sent almost immediately confirming your attendance. Full details and joining instructions will be supplied via email 24 hours before the event starts. Please note, this booking procedure is purely to register your place, the training will not be run through the booking programme EventBrite.

Link to Tutor Portal booking – http://weatutorportaltraining2016.eventbrite.co.uk

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate in contacting me as I will be happy to help.


Completeing Re-enrolment Forms?

Now that autumn term is behind us, for students who have already taken a course this academic year, re-enrolment forms are being completed.

I’m sure you will agree that re-enrolment forms make things fast and friendly, cutting down the length of time for both tutors and learners to complete and allowing more time for teaching and learning :-)  It also helps Regional Office too, as we can quickly link the learner to their original enrolment form and all their details magically appear when we enter them into WEAMis – enabling us to meet critical deadlines set by National Office.

However on occasions, not all fields are completed and this makes it much more difficult to find the original learner’s enrolment. It is crucial that we have unique indicators such as the postcode and/or learner ref, to ensure that John Smith on the re-enrolment form is the same John Smith who lives at 1 Main Road, Ref EM999111. This is why it is also important to ensure that the learners name is legible and their full name printed rather than their ‘better known as’ name.

When completing the Fee Paid section, either enter the full fee amount, or ‘Nil’ (along with the relevant benefits tick box). Please avoid dashes, ticks etc, as this often leads to confusion.

Finally, please don’t forget that if any of the learners details have changed a further full enrolment form should be completed.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at Regional Office.

(Tel: 01159 628400)

Marina and I would like to know if our postings are helpful, if so please press LIKE.


19th century literature tutor wanted

For September 2016 Beeston branch would like to offer a literature course that covers ‘social commentary’ of the 19th century. So using all the well known authors – Gaskill, Dickens, Hardy, Trollop etc to see how social conditions/factory/working conditions of the century are portrayed. I’ve probably not explained this very well! However, if you are interested in offering such a course of 7 weeks (14 hours) please get in touch and I can give you more details. The course cannot be on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Many thanks Nikki Cleaver  ncleaver@wea.org.uk

£20 million on English classes for women ~ A tutor’s thoughts

On Monday, January 18, David Cameron promised “assertive” action to end the segregation of some Muslim women in Britain. In order to help improve their English and further their integration into British society, he has agreed to fund £20m, and as an ESOL Tutor, I’d like to stress how important it is for this money to spend on community-based ESOL courses. Continue reading

WEA and the Prevent Agenda

The Prevent Agenda is part of Safeguarding and the WEA has issued a statement about our approach:

“The WEA is a democratic organisation committed to education with a social purpose that challenges and develops individuals and communities to overcome inequalities and disadvantage. We do this through participative, supportive and inclusive educational opportunities. We work with and in a range of diverse communities through strong partnerships at a local level. We seek to provide our students with the skills to challenge and question in order to build the resilience required to live in the world in the 21st century and to change it for the better. We believe in social justice and our values as an organisation actively commit us to promote democracy, equality, openness, tolerance and respect.  We recognise both the benefits and the challenges of the rule of law.  We therefore seek to discuss, understand and promote common values and rights and their realisation through our curriculum and the culture of the WEA.”

Here is the policy for your information:

WEA Prevent policy Final 3. 21.12.15

950th anniversary of Battle of Hastings


2016 sees the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings – there is a lot going on nationally to commemorate this ..

Nottingham branch would ‘like something’ around this in their September programme; if you’ve any ideas or suggestions for a talk or short course please get in touch with me. Nikki Cleaver ncleaver@wea.org.uk

Calling Tutors with Nottingham Students

Calling all tutors with Nottingham based students.

Firstly, Happy New Year.

Please can you highlight the attached programe of courses running under the True Colours banner to your students early this term.

True Colours is a vibrant new partnership project that brings together WEA East Midlands, Bright Ideas Nottingham, Making Waves and BME Cancer Communities. It aims to develop a series of short courses on a variety of topics  that will help to improve the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those who attend.

For a list of courses on offer please visit: https://truecoloursproject.wordpress.com/

Or download this handy flyer: True Colours A5 Flyer January (PDF 2mb)

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy term.

Kind regards

Re Tablet tutor required

A tutor is now sorted – many thanks to those responding to my previous post. Julie Caley, Chesterfield

Tutor required!

Help! I am urgently looking for a tutor to deliver a daytime ‘Getting the most from your tablet’ course in Chesterfield as the current tutor has had to pull out. Interested? Please contact me as soon as possible – Julie Caley on 01246 622249 or email jcaley@wea.org.uk