Tutor wanted – local history in and around Derby

Are you free on a Monday afternoon starting in September 2014, to deliver a course at The Mill in Derby on the local history of  Derby and/or Derbyshire? If you are interested please get in touch as soon as possible:  bstirrup@wea.org.uk

Also…..if you could deliver history or local history in Alfreton starting in September, on a Thursday evening (though there may be some flexibility with the day of the week), please get in touch.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Social purpose training sessions coming your way

The vision of WEA nationally is:   A better world – equal, democratic and just; through adult education the WEA challenges and inspires individuals, communities and society and amongst the statements in our mission are that we:

  • involve students and supporters as members to build an education movement for social purpose
  • inspire students, teachers and members to become active citizens

WEA nationally has been working to strengthen the link with social purpose in our curriculum and giving a lot of thought to how all tutors can more explicitly build social purpose into their course and session planning. As a result a study module has been written and is available on the internet using the following link:

http://www.wea-yh.org.uk/esp/index.html   and the registration code: 2TAL7nd4

All tutors will be asked to complete this module over the coming year and attend a meeting. Dates for the meetings coming up in East Midlands region are:

Hurst House (Chesterfield)             10th May    10.30 – 12pm
Contact Julie Caley    jcaley@wea.org.uk

101,  Leicester                             2nd June      1 – 2.30pm
Contact Helen Salisbury    hsalisbury@wea.org.uk

Loughborough (Quest House)         4th July       1.30 – 3pm
Contact Mike Wilson   mwilson@wea.org.uk

 Please ensure that you book in advance

You will be paid £35.55 (plus travel) to complete the module and attend the meeting

Job Centre Plus Students

I have received this information from my Department of Work and Pensions contact. Students will be able to prove that they are attending our classes by the methods below:

“A number of customers will have a document called My Work Plan that will record everything they do each week-a diary if you like. Tutors are welcome to sign this. Some Esol courses are typing up some type of document each week as part of their course work which has proved useful. It records their timetable, progress and attendance etc.”

This is useful to us as a means of preventing students from being forced to do other learning options or being given inconvenient sign in times.  The WEA is an approved provider and local Job Centres are aware of this.

If you have any issues that arise with your students around this, please contact your Organiser.

Tutor needed for WordPress and social media

Can you teach WordPress?  Are you also up to speed with using social networking to promote products or services?  Are you  free on 2 Saturdays in each of the months of November, March and May?  If the answer is ‘Yes’ then please get in touch with Helen Salisbury, Organiser at 101 Hinckley Road, Leicester LE3 0TD.    Email: hsalisbury@wea.org.uk

IT tutor for OCR CLAiT evening class

Are you free on a Monday evening?  The WEA 101 branch in Leicester city centre is looking for a tutor, 6.30 to 8.30 pm, starting in September.  Good IT qualifications needed.  The awarding body requires that you hold OCR CLAiT levels 1 and 2 yourself, but these could be completed in the interim.  Interested? Email Helen Salisbury, Organiser: hsalisbury@wea.org.uk or call 0116 255 6614.  If not available, ask for Dorcas Robertson.

Saggy bottoms and sunken springs

Can you offer a basic/beginners upholstery course in Nottinghamshire this autumn? if not do you know someone who can?
I reckon the time is ripe to get on the vintage/recycling/home-made articles band wagon and offer an early evening course on upholstery. Cannot find any other provider doing this locally – let’s be the first!
Interested? email@ ncleaver@wea.org.uk

Tai Chi tutor required for Newark area

I am looking for a tutor who is available to teach Tai Chi in the Newark area to take over 2 established courses from September please. The courses are on Wednesdays, the first session being from 9.45 to 11.15 (for mixed abilities) and the second is from 11.30 to 1.00 (for beginners). If you are interested, please contact me at jbrooks@wea.org.uk. If you know of anyone who you think would be suitable, please pass the information on to them and ask them to get in touch with me if they are interested, either by email or phone 01623 427352.

Julie Brooks, WEA organiser for Bassetlaw, Mansfield and Newark

IAG Update Training

As tutors for the WEA, you are often providing lots of information and advice to students about how to progress, what to do next, future courses and often you even support students with personal problems giving useful phone numbers and addresses to help them.

If you are interested in finding out more and improving what you do as well as discussing and sharing your current practice, please come to the training I have organised this term.